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Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea

Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea

Few people understand the importance of regular home maintenance. The maintenance of your carpet and soft furnishings should be at the top of your list. Wear and tear in your high traffic areas becomes quite obvious over time. Therefore to protect your carpets, ensuring longevity, and to protect you and your family from any adverse health effects, for that reason you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at regular intervals.

Personal, professional, local

I’m Steve Stoward, and I own and operate Whittlesea Carpet Cleaning. I have eight years of experience in the cleaning business and in that time. As a result, I’ve seen every kind of carpet and all manner of carpet cleaning problems therefore I bring the weight of that experience and expertise to every job.

Being a trusted carpet cleaning provider in the Whittlesea area is my aim. I’m live locally and through my dedication and quality service my goal is to win you over. I operate in surrounding locations like Craigieburn, Beveridge, Kilmore, Wallan, Epping, Mernda, Doreen and South Morang. My ethos is simple. Furthermore, my clients deserve the kind of professionalism, community values, and personal touch that I would expect myself. I want to give the best possible service at a highly competitive price. Consequently all parties can walk away satisfied with a job well done and at fair price.

I am a sole trader, I certainly don’t pass on any royalties to my clients. That means that Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea can offer fairer prices for services rendered. Furthermore, being a local means that I can be extremely flexible with my appointment times.


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The importance of regular, professional, carpet cleaning

A major improvement from regular carpet cleaning technology that has been utilised in homes for years. As a result, encapsulation carpet cleaning is quicker, safer and boasts better results each and every time. The main difference between regular steam cleaning and encapsulation cleaning is the amount of water used. Steam cleaning requires a larger amount of water to get your carpets clean, which means longer drying times. Encapsulation carpet cleaning’s water-saving measures get you back on your fresh, clean and dry carpet in as little as an hour.

Contrary to traditional carpet steam cleaning, my encapsulation method of cleaning uses a low level of moisture. Your carpet is dry enough to walk on immediately after my cleaning process is completed. Carpet that dries quickly after a clean has other benefits. The quality of the air in a room that has been cleaned using this method is much higher. Above all, this gives enormous benefits for those who might suffer from asthma or dust mite allergies. The polymer shampoo used by Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea does all the heavy lifting with this process. There is no need for carpet steam cleaning if your carpet is in fair condition. Why would you blast chemicals and hot water into your carpet and risk rippling your carpet. My Orbot carpet cleaner agitates high traffic areas leaving the carpet fibres standing again.

Call me quickly if there is an accident involving your carpet

Has a spill caused a stain on your beautiful carpets? Is the wear and tear of family life starting to show? From delicate deep pile to tough carpet tiles, all fabric floors are at risk of becoming dirty and worn. Marks on the carpet can be tough to remove by yourself. DIY carpet shampoos, consequently the old-fashioned sponge and soap technique can actually make the stain worse and even cause the cleaned area to fade or suffer pilling. Hence the reason to call on a professional.

Some of the major benefits of Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea

– Revolutionary encapsulation carpet cleaning technology is utilised for maximum results with the shortest drying time.

– Our revolutionary carpet cleaning technology can achieve these goals furthermore, I obtain these goals without exacerbating conditions like asthma or allergies.

– I do not pass on any royalties, therefore offering my clients the most cost effective carpet cleaning service in Wallan.

– Being flexible with my appointment times is one of my strengths. This means I can clean your carpets at a time that works for you and your schedule.

Work and home life can be exhausting, we all lead very busy lives. Staying on top of all your home cleaning duties can be tough. The temptation can be to just let those important regular services fall away. I understand those difficulties, therefore I aim to be the easiest person you’ve ever dealt with for home maintenance services. Contact me at Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea and we can discuss these concerns.

I will be honest, clear, and professional. I will explain exactly what I will be doing for your carpets, why I am taking that approach, and what will be the probable outcome.

How do my methods differ

There are major differences between the method I use, the encapsulation carpet cleaning method, and the widely used steam cleaning method for carpets. Steam cleaning uses a lot more water, aiming to saturate the carpet to achieve results. Unfortunately, this method has a chance of shrinking or rippling the carpet. The encapsulation method uses less water drastically reducing the risk of damage. You’ll be able to return to normal use of your carpet within a couple of hours. Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea use leading Orbot technology that delivers proven results. Orbot cleaning products are considered the industry standard in low-moisture, residue free carpet cleaning.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quality operator offering genuinely good value carpet cleaning, call me for an obligation free quote.

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Carpet Cleaning Whittlesea

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