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Carpet Cleaning South Morang

A professional carpet cleaning service for those in South MorangCarpet Cleaning South Morang

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a soft carpet under your feet. High traffic areas of your carpet can look stained and grubby. This can spoil how they look and feel. You may think that a worn, dirty carpet needs replacing, and you might be worried about the cost.

However, there is an alternative. My professional carpet cleaning service in South Morang and surrounding areas can get carpets clean, fresh, and looking like new – and for a fraction of the cost of a new carpet! For carpet cleaning South Morang residents can put their faith in, call Steve Stoward now on 0425 738 987.

Why you should choose Carpet Cleaning South Morang

Professional carpet cleaning is recommended for all carpets, including those in domestic and commercial properties. Using DIY carpet cleaners can leave stains and marks, and the damp from these products can warp and stretch the fabric. A skilled and experienced carpet cleaner knows how to pull dirt from the pile without leaving excess moisture behind, and without risking damage to the look or feel of the carpet.

A local cleaning professional

When it comes to carpet cleaning, South Morang based specialist Steve Stoward is the expert to call. A local cleaning professional, I have helped hundreds of South Morang residents, landlords and businesses with cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings. A good deal of the work I do comes through recommendations from other clients – a sure sign that I have been doing a great job over the eight years I have been in business.

As a local service, I am able to keep travelling times to a minimum, which reduces my overheads. It also allows me to offer an emergency carpet cleaning service which can get to you very quickly. In the event of a disastrous spill or other carpet damage, I will attend right away and reverse the damage with a thorough clean.


Carpet Cleaning South Morang - Cleaning MachineHow my carpet cleaning method works

If a carpet in your home or workplace is out of action for many hours – or several days – then this can quickly become an issue. You need to use the room again as soon as possible. Therefore, I use a low-moisture method with very short drying times, which produces amazing results every time: even on very dirty carpets and rugs. There is nothing more satisfying than going to work on a grubby old carpet, and bringing it back to its former glory!

Many carpet cleaning services use water and shampoo for carpet cleans, or a steam-based cleaning method. However, I clean carpets with the proven encapsulation technique. This clever process involves breaking down dirt in the carpet with special cleaning chemicals, which become crystalised and easily vacuumed up. It will take just a couple of hours for this low-moisture treatment to dry, so you can use the carpet again that very same day. This method is one of the most effective for deep cleaning carpets, improving the appearance of the carpet almost immediately.

The cleaning technique I use is ideal for homes with pets or small children. There are no dangerous chemicals left behind by the process. Regular carpet cleaning is crucial in homes where there are very young babies, or when allergies are an issue. Removal of dust, hair and dirt from carpets makes them much safer for family members with asthma and similar conditions. The carpet will be deodorised with a neutral fragrance that is subtle and pleasant.

Regular and one-off carpet cleans

In order to extend the life of your carpets, regular cleaning visits are highly recommended. A deep clean once every six months can really make a difference to the lifespan of your carpets. In rental properties and commercial premises, regular carpet cleaning is essential. I can come and clean the carpets in your building before and after a tenancy, as well as to prepare a property for sale.

Sometimes carpets need a more urgent clean, or a one-off deep clean. This is no problem either. You can arrange a one-off appointment or regular visits as required. No job is too big or too small, either. From a small rug or single carpeted room to the entire property, the service can be fitted around your own needs.

There is no time like NOW to get those carpets professionally cleaned

Does your home need freshening up throughout? Are your soft furnishings becoming worn and dull? In addition to carpet cleaning, South Morang can count upon me for all manner of upholstery cleaning services. From rugs and mattresses to curtains and sofas, the cleaning method I use is suitable for all fabrics. Safe, fast and quick-drying, this cleaning technique can be used throughout your home. Cleaning packages are available, tailored to your needs, which offer great value on a thorough clean of your property.

Book a appointment quickly and easily in surrounding suburbs

For more information on any aspect of our carpet cleaning, South Morang customers should call 0425 738 987 today. Book a cleaning visit, or request a free quote with no obligation. You are guaranteed a friendly and prompt service, with great results every time. You’re in safe hands, too: all work is covered by comprehensive insurance and my own guarantee. Don’t risk damage to your carpets with an amateur clean. Put your faith in South Morang Carpet Cleaning.

I am available to surrounding townships also such as CraigieburnWallanKilmoreWhittleseaEppingMerndaBeveridge and Doreen.

Steve Stoward - Carpet Cleaning South Morang
The benefits when choosing Steve at Carpet Cleaning South Morang 
• I will thoroughly vacuum, clean and restore your carpet to as close to new as possible
• My process will leave your carpet looking great and ready to walk on instantly
• South Morang Carpet Cleaning can achieve these goals without upsetting clients with asthma or allergies
• I am a sole trader, I do not pass on any royalties, saving you money
• We all lead busy lives, being local means that I can be extremely flexible with my appointment times
• If you have a mattress or any upholstery to be cleaned (couches & chairs etc.) Let me know, If done on the same day I can offer a very competitive combined price

Carpet Cleaning South Morang

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