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Have you ever noticed stains forming on your mattress when you’re changing the sheets? Maybe there's been an accident or a spillage that has left an unattractive mark. Perhaps you’ve heard about the impact that dust mites and their excrement can have on your health? If you’re looking for a cleaner mattress and you live in the Melbourne area, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is the company for you. My unique approach to mattress cleaning, combined with my dedication to customer satisfaction, sets me apart from the rest. It’s in the name!

About Steve Stoward: Owner of Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

I have over 15 years of experience in mattress cleaning and general cleaning services. My specialty is the removal of stains, odours and dust mite sanitation. I consider myself the foremost expert on Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne. Any mattress can regain that fresh-from-the-store feel once again. Look forward to a clean bed time experience while extending the lifetime of the mattress, saving you money in the long term. My goal is simple. To provide a service that will leave your whole family with a hygienically clean, dust mite free mattress. Why not have everyone in your family waking up feeling fresh and rejuvenated?



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Highly recommended Mattress Cleaners in Melbourne

I have 150+ five-star reviews online that confirm that I have been able to extract a huge variety of stains from all types of mattresses with regular success. Did you know that the average person spends 26 years of their life asleep? That means that you’re in contact with your mattress more than virtually any other product in your home. Why wouldn’t you want it to be regularly cleaned?

I can eliminate most stains and odours with a combination of dry-cleaning with HEPA filtration, mattress steam cleaning, and my certified anti-dust mite treatment. After I clean your pillows and mattress, they will be dust mite-free for at least six months. This is essential for those who suffer from dust mite allergies, which can cause asthma-like symptoms.

What stains can Mattress Cleaning Melbourne remove?

People can be quite self-conscious about mattress stains. However, I’ve seen it all and removed it all successfully, too. Whatever the cause, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne can remove human and pet urine stains, blood, vomit, sweat stains, coffee, other spillages.

Rest assured, whatever the condition of your mattress or the cause of the problem, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne will improve its appearance and restore its health to your complete satisfaction.

Stains can become permanent if left for too long.  Since my training in 2009, there have been a few examples of stains that I cannot fully remove. On these rare occasions, it's been because the stains have been left for an extended period, sometimes years. That’s why it’s important to contact Mattress Cleaning Melbourne as soon as possible. 

Watch this video below to learn how I do it:

  • How do I remove urine from a mattress? Sponge the area, add bicarbonate of soda, leave for a few hours. Vacuum and repeat.
  • How do I remove blood from a mattress? Alternately pad the bloodied area with warm salty water and white towels until the transfer of blood stops. 
  • How do I remove vomit from a mattress? This should only be attempted by someone who is qualified. Call me.
  • How do I remove sweat stains from a mattress? This should only be attempted by someone who is qualified. Call me.

Trying to fix some of these issues with home remedies can often lead to irreparable damage and can even void the warranty on your mattress. Stain removal can be tricky, sometimes the best intentions can lead to making an easily removed stain quite permanent.

There are many reasons why you can bank on me for delivering excellent cleaning and mattress sanitising services. I started Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and I have been a qualified and successful mattress cleaner for over eight years. My training and experience don't stop there; I can deliver the same exceptional service if your carpet or upholstery needs cleaning.

My low moisture mattress cleaning methods are proven to be extremely effective. Your mattresses and pillows will be free of dust mites for up to 6 months and all removable stains and odours will be safely eliminated. Some mattresses, however, require more intensive cleaning. Regardless of the current condition of your mattress, I'm confident that I can restore it to a much healthier version within an hour.

For new mattress owners who find a stain, it’s worth noting that trying a DIY approach to cleaning your mattress could invalidate any warranty offered by the manufacturer. Stains can not only be stubborn but also tend to spread if you approach the cleaning incorrectly. For the best results, contact Mattress Cleaning Melbourne. If your mattress is bulging or dipping and is still under warranty, I can provide you with documentation to aid you with any warranty claim as an additional service. I can also clean your mattress prior to sending it in for examination by the manufacturer if required.

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Don't forget to ask about my discounted bulk mattress sanitising service rate on multiple mattresses.

My stain and odour removal service for mattresses begins by asking the right questions and listening to my client. After discussing a client’s problem/s and setting up their appointment, I then make sure I turn up on time, ready to go. I am always fully prepared to professionally clean, maintain, and restore any mattress with any type of stain.

Once I have examined the condition of the mattress, I perform a dry extraction and dust mite extraction. After this stage, your mattress is free of dust mites and dust mite excrement. My technique and processes can vary from this point but I basically go to work spot cleaning each individual stain. I then allow the mattress some dwell time before moving on to my next step.

I completely cover the entire usable area of the mattress in an antibacterial shampoo designed solely to knock bacteria out within seconds. I buff this shampoo through and allow it to dwell. The mattress is now ready to be steam cleaned. Any pre-cleaning products and my antibacterial shampoo are extracted away leaving the mattress only slightly damp. A quick spray down with my anti-allergen/anti-dust mite spray and the full service is complete to help those that suffer from allergies. At this point, ceiling or pedestal fans can be switched on for quicker dry times.

If you are curious about how I go about removing stains and cleaning your mattress, it comes down to having the right equipment and following these steps:

  • Powerful hepa filtration extraction – I only use the most powerful and effective equipment. This equipment is designed to eliminate dust, dust mites and their excrement, larvae, eggs and skin scales from your mattress.
  • Dust mite elimination – I only use devices and solutions that are tested and approved for safely eliminating germs and contaminants including bacteria from soft furnishings. My products are USA/EPA tested approved and my trained methods are completely safe leaving zero chance of any adverse effects on you, your family or the environment.
  • Anti-bacterial treatment – I feel that cosmetically cleaning your mattress is not enough. Protecting it from future growth of any bacteria, mould spores or dust mites is in my opinion far more important part of my service. This is why my penultimate step is the application of an anti-bacterial spray. This a vital part of my mattress sanitising process.
  • Powerful wet extraction – The last step is to extract any excess from deep within your mattress. This speeds up the drying process and can be very effective in removing some of those tough perspiration stains. In conclusion, my final process transforms your soiled and dust laden mattress back to its original factory condition.

At Mattress Cleaning Melbourne, I only use USA/EPA-tested and approved products to clean a client's mattress, carpets, or upholstery. My products and practices are certified as safe to use and eco-friendly. In addition to my extensive training, I have a fantastic relationship with my cleaning suppliers, who lend me their vast product knowledge. New eco-friendly products are continuously being developed, and I'm always keen to implement the latest and most effective products in my lineup.

For that ultimate clean feeling in your home, there is more than just your mattress that might need a clean. Whether it’s carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, I can clean them all. I assess the stains and general state of the item being cleaned and provide you with an honest appraisal of what outcome you can expect. At Mattress Cleaning Melbourne, I believe it is essential to ensure customers have a fair understanding of what to expect. This is why so many of my clients trust me repeatedly.

My success rate is extremely high when conducting any service for stain and odour removal for mattresses;

Stain and odour removal for mattresses

Urine stain (3 months old)

Stain and odour removal for mattresses

Minutes after stage 2 with urine removal

If I can’t get that stain out of your mattress, no one can

After 13 years working with all types of stains on all types of mattresses I pride myself on being the best in Melbourne when it comes to stain and odour removal for mattresses. If you can contact me sooner rather than later if an accident occurs on your mattress my results are more conclusive. Saying that I nearly always get satisfying results on mattress stains that are even years old.

Urine stain on a mattress removed








Urine stain (approx 6 months old)

Urine Stain on a mattress

Positive result (stain is gone)

Contact me today and tell me what type of stain or odour removal you’re struggling with. I’m here to help, even if you just need advice.

I have seen many of my clients attempting to clean really soiled and dirty mattress at home and calling me when matters have gone from bad to worse. Professional mattress dry cleaning or at the very least the right advice from an expert in the field should be your first step. Importantly, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne offer a highly optimised service which not only cleans the mattress but also ensures that there is minimum wear and tear from regular servicing.


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I approach every job I do as if it were my own furnishings that I'm cleaning. Personal focus and attention to detail can be lost when you are just a cog in a very large wheel. The very nature of being invited into someone's home to provide a service can sometimes be a little daunting for the client. I have found that being the first and only point of contact from the moment the phone rings through quotation, appointment setting and providing a quality service is the best way to build relationships and trust with my clients. A rewarding day for me is when I finish a job and gauge the look on my client's faces.

So why wait? Contact Steve Stoward today and schedule your mattress cleaning appointment to enjoy a cleaner, healthier sleep environment.


Professional Mattress Cleaning

Professional mattress cleaning at a reasonable price

  • At Mattress Cleaner Melbourne my goal is clean and sanitise your mattress.
  • My extraction process will leave your mattress dry in half an hour.
  • My strength is my training and products(asthma/allergies).
  • I am a sole trader, my prices are competitive, I do not pass on royalties.

Let me show you how good your mattress can look and smell again




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