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Dust mite sanitation for mattresses

Dust mites are not visible to the human eye and if they didn’t aggravate breathing difficulties or cause allergies they wouldn’t enter into many conversions. Unfortunately they thrive off our dead flakes of skin and the warm and humid conditions of our beds. These perfect conditions simultaneously coupled with an endless food supply can result in a breeding cycle that can add kilograms of waste to your mattress within a 10 year period. I’ve completed the training and have the certification to successfully apply dust mite sanitation for mattresses. I can successfully treat any dust mite infestation. This process instantly reduces allergens that can flare up sneezing, coughing and itchy watery eyes. I provide a dust mite extraction and sanitation service on very mattress that I clean. If the mattress requires stain removal I still perform a complete dust mite extraction and sanitation before attempting a full service.

dust mite sanitation for mattresses

Dust mite sanitation for mattresses and pillows

I often get asked about the process of dust mite cleaning and sanitation and how it all works. It is quite a simple process, I follow these steps…

  • After setting up your appointment I turn up on time, fully prepared to professionally service your mattress.what I extract - dust mite sanitation for mattresses
  • Once I have examined the condition of your mattress I perform a dry extraction of your mattress and pillows using HEPA filtration. At this stage your mattress will be free of dust mites and dust mite excrement. (the true cause of your dust mite allergies)
  • Your mattress and pillows are lightly sprayed down with my anti-allergen/anti dust mite spray. The combination of this 2-in-1 spray prevents any re-infestation of dust mites for up to 6 months.
  • In conclusion, your mattress and pillows may feel slightly damp for 30 minutes. Add laundered bedding when everything is dry. Before you know it you will be sleeping in a perfectly clean and sterile environment.
General dust mite facts

Dust mitesThe Latin name for the dust mite is ‘skin eating spider’… Now that’s just plain scary isn’t it

Dust mites love our mattresses. Research shows that a used mattress may be housing anywhere between 100,000 to 10 million living or dead dust mites. That’s a pretty sobering fact, considering just how much time we spend in our beds.

Dust mites thrive in warm, dark and moist environments. When you shed skin on your mattress it automatically ticks every box for the dust mite to settle in. Dust mites are one of the reasons we get certain allergies. They can also induce inflammation of the mucous membrane, asthmatic conditions, headaches, upper respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms.

Dust mite sanitation for mattresses is something everybody should consider, it’s just good housekeeping. Call me now to set up an appointment or send me a message. I can improve the quality of your sleep in just one visit.

It is important to remember that dust mites live and breed in all areas of your home. If the climate conditions are right and if there is a general food source, dust mites can begin to breed. Hard floors such as wood, tile or linoleum are less friendly to dust mites than carpet. If your hard floors are mopped regularly dust mites will resort to transporting themselves via skirting boards to a more viable breeding ground.
Dust mites will often choose the darkest path to a breeding ground, a pathway least affected by U.V light.
dust mite sanitation for mattresses and using latex in your mattress and pillows
If you are prone to dust mite allergies – Use a dust mite resistant mattress
Purchasing a latex mattress and pillows is a great bedding alternative if you suffer from dust mite allergies. Apart from the millimetres of cotton casing surrounding a latex mattress, the entire core of the mattress is dust mite resistant. A latex mattress is the only mattress which is naturally resistant to dust mites. Generated from the sap of rubber trees, latex foam is naturally resistant to dust mites. A latex mattress is so much easier to clean and maintain. A latex mattress is a great dust mite free alternative to traditional mattresses.
Replacing your current mattress with a latex mattress might be a much better option than a regular dust mite sanitising service of your mattress and pillows. Using a dust mite resistant latex mattress can offer year round relief from dust mite allergies. This alone could dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.
Latex mattresses can be extremely comfortable. If you’re not entirely sure whether a latex mattress is the right choice for you, there are options. You can take baby steps, buying a latex topper for your existing mattress is an affordable way of testing the water before making a major purchase.
Don’t forget the importance of a dust mite resistant pillow
If you’re thinking about purchasing a latex mattress, it seems like a logical choice to just pick up a couple of latex pillows while your at it. Your face and in particular your mouth, nose and eyes are in close contact with your pillows every night. It’s only a smart choice that your pillows are also dust mite resistant.  A latex pillow is the ideal choice for this but not your only choice. There is a great variety of pillows on the market with differing benefits. If you have a preference to non latex pillows and you are prone to dust mite allergies just make sure that you replace your pillows regularly.
Mattress covers and protectors
In essence, If you suffer from dust mite allergies or asthma but you’re still unsure about buying a new mattress you should at the very least have your mattress cleaned. A dust mite sanitisation service of your current mattress will have you breathing and sleeping better right away. After a mattress sanitation service it is a wise choice to purchase a dust mite cover or protector for your mattress and pillows. Mattress protectors are great for disrupting dust mites, if cleaned regularly they eliminate the food source for dust mite.