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Carpet Cleaner near me

by professional carpet cleaner Steve Stoward (owner) Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet cleaner near me

Find a carpet cleaner near me. I’m cleaning carpet in these locations right now…

Beveridge, Craigieburn, Wallan, Kilmore, Whittlesea, Epping, Doreen, Mernda and South Morang

Carpet cleaner near me

What’s my important point of difference

Have you ever googled away hoping to find a professional nearby and discovered that the service you require just weren’t that close? I travel Melbourne’s suburbs daily cleaning mattresses. I might be a handy choice if you are looking for a cleaning service at short notice. Along with my vast knowledge of mattress cleaning I am a fully trained and qualified to dry clean your carpet. My clients are pleasantly surprised when they discover that my services don’t finish with mattress or upholstery cleaning and that they are able to take advantage of my quality cleaning service while I am standing in their home after a mattress cleaning service. My van is fully equipped with eco friendly supplies and the latest cleaning equipment so I’m always willing and able to commence with their other cleaning requirements immediately.

There is no call out fee because I’m already there. My clients can also enjoy a discounted service by combining more than one service on the same day which doubles their savings. My thorough cleaning training was completed with the same goals in mind. Both my skill sets are now forged together to not only deliver brilliant results but produce the same benefits that you would receive from mattress cleaning. Your perfectly clean carpet will be dust mite free for a guaranteed period of at least six months, this insures that the total air quality within your entire house will improve.

Perfectly clean carpet and dry within a couple of hours

Combining all your cleaning requirements together is a great idea. I can offer a low moisture alternative to carpet steam cleaning. My process will not only leave your carpet looking and smelling incredible, it will be dry within a couple of hours because you chose carpet cleaner near me.

Steam versus encapsulation

There is a major difference between carpet steam cleaning and low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning. The Encapsulation method drys in half the time. Unlike carpet steam cleaning, I have total control over the moisture content while cleaning your carpet. The brushes used during encapsulation cleaning help those worn out high traffic areas of your carpet stand up again. I thoroughly vacuum and pre spot those tough stains before starting my cleaning process. To protect against future stains and grime, I agitate and massage an environmentally friendly polymer shampoo through the pile. This shampoo dries to a gel and then later crystallises acting as a scotch guard.

A Superior Approach:

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment is essential for any living or working space. Carpets, being an integral part of our interiors, often demand meticulous attention to ensure cleanliness, freshness, and longevity. Traditional carpet cleaning methods may not always effectively eliminate embedded dirt, stains, and allergens, leaving them susceptible to resurfacing. However, with the innovation of encapsulation carpet cleaning, individuals can now enjoy a more superior and effective approach to carpet maintenance.

Understanding Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning:

At its core, encapsulation carpet cleaning employs a unique cleaning technique designed to target deep-seated dirt, stains, and allergen-causing agents present within the carpet fibres. Unlike conventional steam cleaning or dry extraction methods, encapsulation cleaning utilises specially formulated cleaning agents that capture and encapsulate dirt particles. These encapsulated particles can then be easily removed through regular vacuuming.

Benefits of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning:
1. Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency:
Encapsulation carpet cleaning offers an unparalleled level of efficiency in removing tough stains and dirt particles. The specialised solution used in this process adheres to dirt, grime, and grease, encapsulating them into crystals. As these crystals dry, they can be easily vacuumed, leaving the carpet refreshed and looking significantly cleaner. The process extracts deep-rooted dirt, unlike traditional methods that often rear the ugly head of recurring stains after a brief period.
2. Time and Cost Savings:
With encapsulation carpet cleaning, you can bid farewell to prolonged drying times that are commonly experienced with other techniques. The unique formula applied in this method minimises the need for excessive water usage, decreasing the drying time to as little as one hour. Additionally, due to its efficiency and quick drying, encapsulation can significantly reduce maintenance costs, as less frequent professional cleanings are required to maintain pristine carpets.
3. Long-Term Protection:
One of the notable advantages of encapsulation carpet cleaning is the long-term protection it provides. The encapsulating polymers applied during the cleaning process form a defensive shield over the carpet fibres. This protective barrier repels dirt, dust, and contaminants, making it easier to vacuum them away without them becoming deeply embedded. Regular encapsulation cleaning reinforces this protective barrier, thereby extending the lifespan of your carpet and ensuring a cleaner, odour-free environment for years to come.
4. Eco-Friendliness:
In today’s environmentally conscious world, opting for eco-friendly cleaning methods is a crucial consideration. Encapsulation carpet cleaning aligns perfectly with this trend. As encapsulation requires minimal water usage and utilises cleaning agents that are biodegradable, it helps conserve water and reduces the overall carbon footprint associated with traditional methods. By incorporating encapsulation into your carpet maintenance routine, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.
Encapsulation carpet cleaning has revolutionised the way we maintain cleanliness and longevity in carpets. Its effectiveness in removing deep-seated stains, dirt, and allergens, coupled with its time and cost-saving advantages, make it an excellent choice for carpet owners. Not only does encapsulation deliver superior cleanliness, but it also provides long-term protection and contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning approach.
A quality carpet cleaning service on time, every time at the right price. You don’t have to look too far to find this carpet cleaner near me

I’m happy to provide a carpet cleaning estimate over the phone or you can just leave your details on the contact form below if you wish. If you usually steam clean your carpet it might be time to try a low moisture alternative.

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With the new ORBOT and a quality encapsulation shampoo these carpet stains below just don’t stand a chance
  • Food stains
  • High traffic stained areas
  • Coffee, tea and soft drink stains
  • Scuff marks
  • And most other problem areas
My name is Steve Stoward. I am the owner of Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and a trained carpet cleaning professional.

As an owner operator and a local, I pride myself on quality results every time. I face different challenges everyday on the job but as a owner operator scheduling my clients can often be a toughest challenge to get right every time. Minor emergencies crop up regularly. Balancing my focus on those emergencies while keeping promised appointments seems to happen every day. When you throw Melbourne traffic into the mix, my days can get pretty hairy.

My scheduling secrets

My goal is to be trusted professional when you need one. I have a base plan that I factor into my weekly schedule to tackle these scheduling issues. If I can I try and schedule non urgent jobs from mid week onwards. Mondays and Tuesdays can sometimes be just emergencies only. I also try and factor in dry time on certain jobs. By asking the right questions I can usually sequence the tougher jobs that may need deeper cleaning to earlier in the day. This could be the case for heavily soiled carpet or even a badly stained mattress that needs to be back in use that night.

The final part of my sequencing puzzle is trying to do a loop of Melbourne each day. This not only gives me a chance to broaden my coverage which is good for business. It also gives my clients more opportunity of reaching me throughout different times of the day. My final strategy is flexibility. I think one of the requirements of being successful in this line of work is the ability to start early. Finishing late after an early start isn’t something I strive for but occasionally that’s how things go.

I know I can’t be everything to everyone but I get real satisfaction by going the extra mile for my clients. I really hope that I can be that carpet cleaner near you when that time comes.