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July 14, 2017
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October 16, 2017

I was called to do some mattress cleaning and stain removal in Altona this morning and the results were so impressive I just needed to take a couple of pictures. It seems that from what I could gather from the client this stain was quite old but whether it was a few months old or even a year or two old was impossible to clarify. The mattress is a shade or two darker in the second image simply because the mattress was a little damp by time I was finished. In almost all cases of mattress cleaning and stain removal where I have to rely not only dry extraction but wet extraction and the correct drying conditions will see you back on your mattress within 12-24 hours. The simplest way to achieve this is with a ceiling or pedestal fan, any heat via sunlight or domestic heating appliances will also speed up dry times but moving air warm or cool is the key. Obviously this stain was quite old but to insure 100% results like the one that I have achieved today you don’t want to take any chances. Whenever you require mattress cleaning and stain removal or if some other accident occurs on your mattress whether it is urine, vomit or any other bodily fluid it is very important to follow these procedures

Mattress cleaning before and after - mattress cleaning and stain removal

Absorb, gently scrape or pad dry the affected area with a white towel (do not aggressively rub the area)

Liberally apply bicarbonate soda to the affected area. (Bicarbonate soda has been around for decades, there is a good reason for that, it is the best application for the early remedy of any stain removal on a mattress)

After an hour vacuum up the bicarbonate soda and re apply (you can repeat this step as often as you like leaving more time between vacuuming as you repeat.

Don’t let time decide whether your mattress stain becomes permanent,  don’t give it a chance to bind to the fabric of your mattress.

If you just need to ask a question about mattress cleaning and stain removal I’m always available.

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