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What is biting me? Can dust mites bite?
July 12, 2017
What is biting me? Can dust mites bite?
July 12, 2017

What to consider when deciding on the best mattress cleaning service for you

The importance of choosing a professional mattress cleaner

Trusting a professional mattress cleaner. Your mattress is important, I would suggest that along with your favourite sofa, it is probably the most important furnishing within your home. You should love your mattress! Your mattress is the vehicle that transports you through your dreams and refreshes your body and mind. Your mattress prepares you for the rollercoaster ride of day to day life. You trust professionals when you need help and advice about important things in your life. Why wouldn’t you trust a professional mattress cleaner when it comes to your mattress? A professional mattress cleaning service can maintain the cleanliness of the one peice of furniture that you use every single night.

Tips when deciding on a professional mattress cleaning service

Choosing a professional mattress cleaning company that you can trust is vital. Following these tips below will help you find the right person/company

  1. If searching online, start with location and start locally, work your way outwards until you have a solid short list of qualified mattress cleaning companies
  2. Read reviews. After reading 3 or 4 reviews you’ll have a pretty good idea about their professionalism. You can gauge a little on the frequency of reviews as well
  3. Make sure that they are accredited. Training, knowledge and experience in this field is extremely important. Like most industries there are cowboys that jump into this line of work ‘eyes wide shut’
  4. When you contact a mattress cleaning service don’t just ask about price. Start with questions about their procedure and what type of products they may need to use. Ask what results they would expect to achieve
  5. Once all your boxes are ticked get a firm quotation. If you are happy to proceed set the day and time that you would like your appointment

Ask yourself these questions before a mattress cleaning service arrives on your doorstep

What are your expectations when hiring a professional mattress cleaner? What do you need to know when engaging such a service? When is professional mattress cleaning the wise choice? In my profession I constantly see clients anguish over these questions. Ask yourself these questions before contacting a mattress cleaning professional and the answers will become quite clear …

  1. What was the purchase price of your mattress?
  2. Is the mattress still in reasonable condition?
  3. How much is professional mattress cleaning going to cost you?
  4. If your mattress is professionally cleaned is the mattress going to be used regularly?
  5. Are your expectations of what a professional mattress cleaner can do for you set just a little too high? Do you think a reasonable result can be achieved?

Stained Mattress that needs to be cleaned by a professional mattress cleaner      Professional Mattress CleaningClean mattress, cleaned by a professional mattress cleaner

It’s that last question that can sometimes cause a little friction between the client and the person doing the mattress cleaning. Talking to your mattress cleaning professional about their expectations before they start is a wise move.

What are the major benefits of using a professional mattress cleaning service?


The number one reason why you should book your mattress in for a professional clean is hygiene. It is a natural bodily function to lose fluid and shed skin while asleep on our mattresses. Moisture proof protectors are great at minimising the amount of both fluid and skin scales being deposited in your mattress. I highly recommend the use of a quality mattress protector. The combination of bodily fluids, dead skin cells and warmth can make your bed a haven for germs and a breeding ground for bacteria. A professional mattress cleaner can insure that your sleeping area is sterile and dust mite free.

Dust mite eradication

It is well documented that any mattress of age can be infested with the common dust mite. The volume of dust mites can vary,  a used mattress that’s approximately fives years old can Dust mites removedharbour tens of thousands of microscopic dust mites. Not everyone is allergic to the protein in dust mite droppings.  If your breathing is laboured before falling asleep and sneezing and itchy eyes are keeping you awake you are probably struggling with a dust mite allergy. The easiest way to eradicate the problem is an extraction and dust mite sanitisation service from a professional mattress cleaner. A trained professional will only use hepa filtration when sanitising a mattress. Household vacuums can easily spread the problem rather than collect and eliminate dust mites and their debris. A professional mattress cleaner will also carry and use a quality dust mite sanitiser that prevents any reinfestation of dust mites for up to six months.

Mattress stain

Stain Removal

While mattresses are generally covered up with bedding, stains are still a major concern for a lot of people. A trained mattress cleaning professional is the only person you should trust when tackling mattress stains. It’s human nature to at least try and remove a stain before calling on a professional but more often than not the end result is much worse than the original stain.

Mattress warranties can be voided by incorrect cleaning processes and mattresses can easily be permanently damaged using the wrong cleaning products on particular materials internally and externally. A professional mattress cleaner can safely remove stains while protecting your warranty and the integrity of the mattress.

Accidents happen

If you have an accident on your mattress time is the critical factor. Almost any stain can be successfully removed if the correct procedure is followed. If the problem can be addressed immediately the success rate is obviously higher. If you are unable to secure the services of a mattress cleaning professional immediately there are a couple of procedures you can easily try yourself that can benefit a successful result down the track.

Blood can be extremely hard to remove from a mattress, particularly as time lapses. If blood comes in contact with your mattress you can dab the affected area with warm salt water soaked on a white towel. Always dab the blood stained area from outside to inside of the stains centre. With all other bodily bodily fluids (urine & vomit etc.) the process is a little different. Soak up as much of the fluid as possible, use only white absorbent towelling. When the affected area is completely mopped up you can sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on the area. After an hour vacuum the bicarbonate of soda up and reapply, leave the bicarbonate of soda on the affected area for eight hours and vacuum again. You can repeat this process for as long as it takes to retain the services of a professional mattress cleaner.

What should you expect from a professional mattress cleaner?

  1. A professional mattress cleaner should show up at the agreed time or let the client know that he is running early or late.
  2. To be greeted with a smile and warm introduction before listening, listening, listening to the clients requirements and expectations.
  3. To thoroughly explain the cleaning process and to give an honest opinion of the results that they can expect. A professional might give the client some post cleaning requirements if needed. (drying times & drying positions etc)
  4. A professional mattress cleaner should show respect when entering a clients home. He should show extreme care when handling any of the clients furnishings or property.
  5. To perform a quality job within a reasonable timeframe and deliver the promised results. A cleaning professional should only be entering your home with equipment that is clean.
  6. A professional mattress cleaner won’t always supply the cheapest quotation nor should he. This works both ways, the most expensive quotation doesn’t guarantee that you have hired the correct person for the job.

 Are all mattress cleaning companies the same?

deciding on a mattress cleaning serviceNo, not all mattress cleaning companies are the same. In fact there are many businesses that focus their attention more around carpet cleaning or tile cleaning and just add mattress cleaning to there list of cleaning abilities. This is fine if they are a qualified professional in that field. Be sure to check any accreditations they may display. When deciding on a professional mattress cleaner read their reviews. Are there enough people praising their good work with regards to mattress cleaning and or sanitising or are their reviews pretty general.

Don’t be afraid to ask some qualifying questions before hiring them… Ask about their training, their processes and what chemicals or equipment they’ll be using. If their answers are quite brief or a bit misleading it might be worth ringing the next in line. On some occasions you will be talking to a sales representative, if they don’t have the answers that you seek have them put the contractor in touch with you.

Most cleaning websites are quite professional looking. This is a good start to finding the right professional but just remember, the website was more than likely produced by someone who has nothing to do with the business. I mentioned reviews previously but in this day and age reviews are fast becoming the most honest content on any website. Read the reviews, make sure that the reviews are real and that they are ticking your boxes.

Professional Mattress Cleaning … The facts you need to know

After cleaning every square inch of your house there is always one room in the house that needs a little more TLC than the others. The importance of cleaning your bedroom correctly including all facilities is as important as the cleaning of your mattress. You clean your pyjamas more than once every 5 or six years don’t you? Surely you clean your bed linen more than once every couple of years? If you are losing a litres of body fluid every night then surely the cleaning shouldn’t stop at bed linen and pyjamas.

Your mattress is prone to gathering germs and bacteria because it barely sees the light day and spends each night warm and moist. To maintain a healthy environment not only in your bedroom but throughout your entire house, regular mattress cleaning is essential. Here are the facts on mattress cleaning and why it is sometimes important to bring in a professional for such services.

A better quality of air in your bedroom

Walk into your bedroom, does the air in your bedroom smell the same as the living room? If the air smells different it is more than likely that the difference is what is emanating from your mattress and pillows. The liquid and oils that secrete from our body seeps through our pyjamas, through our sheets and into our mattress. The chemical composition of the sweat varies amongst all of us but we all share similar components within our sweat. One being urea (a colourless crystalline compound which is the main nitrogenous breakdown product of protein metabolism in mammals and is excreted in urine).

If these components of perspiration are left to dwell and simply multiply every night the air quality of the entire room and possibly the entire house is going to suffer. Cleaning your mattress regularly not only improves the quality of air in your home it should by default improve your sleep patterns thereby improving your everyday mood.

Bacteria on a mattress

Professional mattress cleaning eliminates germs in the bedroom such as bacteria and mould

Big homes with large families can be more prone to have issues with germs, bacteria and in some cases mould. Children and pets in larger families can be a major contributor to cross contamination within the home. These problems are not exclusive to the kitchen or dining areas within your home. All that bacteria needs to regenerate is a non sanitised area, the right temperature and one or more organic elements.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance of your mattress you are providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and in some cases even mould to take hold. Mattresses can spend 6-8 hours a night in a warmth and darkness mixed with a degree of moisture. These are the conditions that bacteria thrive on to regenerate and expand. Having your mattress cleaned and sanitised every six months by a mattress cleaning professional is good housekeeping. Keeping your bedding clean virtually rules out bacteria, germs and mould in your bed permanently.

Mould on a mattress

Mould on a mattress is a real health concern and it can happen quickly if the conditions are right for mould to generate. If you live in a humid climate or your house is prone to internal leaking from the walls and sub floors etc. you should be vigilant about eliminating mould. Mould can generate on a mattresses even in dry conditions if air flow is at a minimum.

I find that some of my clients prefer to have their mattress on the floor. Mattress materials are designed to breathe, if you leave your mattress on hard floors or even carpeted floors mould will almost always begin to develop on the underside between the floor and mattress. If you prefer to keep your mattress on the floor try and get a large piece of cardboard to place underneath your mattress or lift your mattress onto its side regularly

The importance of a dust mite free sleeping zone

The good news is that dust mites don’t bite. Being less than half a millimetre in size they simply cannot break living human tissue. The bad news is they spend their short lives procreating, defecating, dying and decomposing in your mattress, bedding, sofas and carpet. Essentially, we all spend a huge portion of our lives wallowing in dust-mite filth. The increase of dust mite allergies is constantly on the rise.

Dust mites are part of the arachnoid family. They are microscopic and congregate in our mattresses, pillows and other soft furnishings where there is a constant food supply. The dark and warm conditions of a mattress provides the perfect breeding ground for the dust mite. These microscopic dust mites feed on the dead skin that we all leave behind. It is the protein within the dust mites excrement and rotting dead little bodies that can flare up allergies and cause asthma attacks.

If your mattress is serviced every six months by a professional mattress cleaner these allergens are significantly reduced. Dust mite mattress protectors are great and should be used by allergy sufferers but they do not eradicate the problem completely. The dust mites food source, the skin scales remain. Eliminating either the dust mite or the food source is the key. Dust mite allergies can can affect people in different ways. Symptoms may include sneezing, itchy or watery eyes and laboured breathing. Dust mite allergy suffers can occasionally experience a pimply rash on their bodies along with other symptoms.

Foul odours emanating from the bedroom

Where there’s smoke there’s fire! When it comes to odours in the bedroom not a truer word has been spoken. Urine and perspiration are the most common offenders mixing together in the bedroom. Even a build up of saliva on pillows can lead to bacteria building up if your pillows aren’t replaced regularly. A professional mattress cleaner carries the products and equipment and has the know how to stamp out these problems immediately.

Your mattress is an investment… Expand the lifespan of your investment with a regular service

Some people hold onto a mattress longer than they hold on to a car or a house. Your mattress is no different to any other investment. A certain level of maintenance is required to increase the lifespan of your mattress. Having your mattress cleaned by a professional mattress cleaner allows you to enjoy all the health benefits of a sound, restful nights sleep. A regular service can add years of life to your mattress. This can add up to significant savings for you and ease the burden on landfill. A well maintained mattress can still look brand new after ten or more years.

Peace of mind

A clean and sanitised mattress gives you peace of mind. Drifting off to sleep knowing that millions of dust mites aren’t feasting around you can be quite satisfying. Waking up refreshed and revitalised without sneezing and coughing is a obtainable goal. Seek the services of a professional mattress cleaner, your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Choosing NOT to use a professional mattress cleaning service

bicarbonate sodaThis is a common stance that some people decide to take. Let’s face it, most people are trying to save a dollar and if they can achieve a successful result without spending as much cash why wouldn’t you try and do it yourself. With the right products and knowledge successful results can be achieved but like most things in life, ‘prevention is better than the cure’. If you are a do it yourself type of person you should start with prevention.

The single most important thing you can purchase for your mattress is a protector. If every new mattress ever sold came with a moisture proof protector the world would be a much cleaner place. Quality mattress protectors, in particular moisture proof protectors can reduce dust mite infestation. Urine, vomit and perspiration stains can can also be reduced. A quality mattress protector can stop total absorption of all bodily fluids by a staggering 98 percent.

Preventing moisture

Preventing that much moisture from seeping into your mattress practically eliminates any chance of bacteria or mould occurring on or within your mattress. If you are wise and purchase a quality moisture proof mattress protector then mattress maintenance is quite simple. Wash and replace your mattress protector regularly and expose your bare mattress to natural sunlight as often as possible. You can sprinkle and vacuum away bicarbonate of soda every six months to remove odour if required.

If you missed the bus on the whole mattress protector thing and you’re faced with a mattress that looked a whole lot better the day you purchased it you do have options… Bicarbonate of soda is still a must have product at any stage of your mattresses life. Keep a box or two in the house from this day forward. If used correctly bicarb can save you a lot of heartache.

Don’t believe everything you read on google. DO NOT MIX BICARBONATE OF SODA WITH ANY OTHER CLEANING PRODUCTS unless you have access to a hot water extraction unit in your home.

Be wary, I read about so many DIY pastes that include bicarb that promise to whisk away your worst mattress stains. To this day the single biggest hurdle I find as a professional mattress cleaner is cleaning up the residue that these so called phenomenal DIY stain removal concoctions create. Most bodily fluids should be mopped up with a white towel until no more moisture is present. Follow this up by the sprinkle, vac and repeat method using bicarb of soda and delaying the vac ups a little longer after each application. You can practically remove all traces a bodily fluid with this method.

DIY stain removal (older stains)

Ok, so you have neglected that poor old mattress for longer than you should have. Apart from fresh blood which can be totally removed with warm salty water your older bodily stains present a bigger problem. Peroxide and antibacterial shampoo are an excellent combination but we are now delving into an area where employing the services of a professional mattress cleaner is probably a smarter option. I was once confronted by a client who went deeper and deeper down the path of do it yourself stain removal and I managed to stop her just short of pouring methylated spirits all over her mattress. If you decide to do-it-yourself, always avoid bleach. Most cleaning products that you apply to a mattress need to be extracted out or at the very least diluted. At the very least, give me a call 0425 738 987 my locations spread far and wide

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