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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
November 28, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Cheap Carpet Cleaning

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“Cheap carpet cleaning” is a keyword phrase that ranks very well on any Google search engine. It is what prospective clients of mine type into a Google, Bing or Yahoo search engine because they have a clear picture in their mind’s eye of the near future, the actual point of sale when their carpets are clean and fresh and they are getting it all for the pre-determined bargain price that they found by typing into their search engine “Cheap Carpet Cleaning” and let’s face it, everybody loves a bargain.

If I needed some plumbing done in my bathroom I’m not going to type into my search engine “Cheap local plumber who will turn up late, charge nearly double the agreed price and do a mediocre job while exposing three inches of bum crack” but if I type in “Cheap Local Plumber” there is a pretty fair chance of that exact scenario playing out.

At the risk of pointing out the bleeding obvious, “You get what you pay for,” or in the case of search engines, “You are shown what you search for.”

Your carpet is an expensive and important asset in most houses and what I think is important when searching for a carpet cleaning service are the following

1. Reputable carpet cleaners
2. Fully insured carpet cleaners
3. Carpet cleaning testimonials
4. Budget carpet cleaning

These are just four key word phrases that I would use and cross match to see whether one or more of these carpet cleaning companies keep putting their name forward. If you can narrow your search results to 2 or 3 companies you can then start the quoting process, playing one companies quote off the other giving you your most competitive price and limiting your chances of ending up with “Bob the bum crack carpet cleaning services.”

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