Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

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November 28, 2018
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November 28, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne now offers carpet dry cleaning. The main difference between carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning is just how dry your carpets are when I am finished. My system not only leaves your carpets walk on dry, your carpets will look and smell as good as the day they were laid.

I use far less water than other carpet cleaning methods and another point of difference when using my service is that there is more focus and attention placed on the importance of extracting as much dirt and foreign matter as possible before adding any shampoo or water to your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne spray a controlled amount of mist over your carpet which contains a crystal polymer shampoo. I can choose a heavier saturation for problem or high traffic areas or a lighter coverage in areas that do not require a soaking. Your steam cleaner has no such choice pumping mass quantities of liquid into and then out of your carpet leaving the pile saturated and at risk of attracting mould and bacteria particularly in the underlay which remains wet long after the carpet feels dry.

The crystal polymer shampoo used by myself during the dry cleaning process goes to work immediately, attacking and separating soils from the fibers in your carpet and as fibres dry the crystal polymers that surround or encapsulate the pile act as a protection barrier against further spills and soiling.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne leaves your carpet thoroughly clean, dry and smelling great. Your rooms will have that lasting good look of freshly cleaned carpet. The crystal polymers left behind will keep foreign matter above the pile in a scotch guard fashion meaning a quick vacuum will prolong the good looks of your carpet over and over again.

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