The Essence of a Quality Carpet Cleaner

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November 28, 2018
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November 28, 2018

The Essence of a Quality Carpet Cleaner

The Essence of a Quality Carpet Cleaner

I have been carpet cleaning in Melbourne for two years now and while I have trialled many different approaches to my marketing campaign I am still struggling to capture what system truly works most effectively and more importantly, what makes a average carpet cleaner or mattress cleaner stand out from the pack, what is the essence of a quality carpet cleaner?

I have decided to throw this question to the masses and see if I can get some feedback that might improve my service so please feel free to reply to this blog with whatever you as a consumer would find most appealing about the carpet cleaning company that knocks on your door.

Would Carpet Cleaning Craigieburn be a more accomplished business if I were to offer the following;

Air duct cleaning, Window Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Carpet Steam Cleaning.

These are just some of the ideas that I have been kicking around for a while, please feel free to throw in any other service that I may have overlooked.

Would you enjoy regular newsletters and specials if you are a client of mine?

I know that Carpet Cleaning can be an irregular business and mattress sanitising is promoted as a six month repeat service so rather than find 2000 extra regular clients I’m curious as to where I might be more valuable to the people that know and trust me already.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to any feedback and remember with Carpet Cleaning Melbourne you will always ‘Sneeze Less, Breathe Deeper and Sleep Well.”


Steve Stoward

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