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Hello, my name is Steve Stoward and I can help you get rid of stubborn stains, bad odours and dust mites from your mattresses, carpet and furniture. Throughout the years I’ve learned that if you neglect stains for longer periods of time they become extremely tough to remove (if you can remove them at all). I’ve personally cleaned mattresses with 6 month old stains that became like new. Of course, it’s much better to clean them right away, so why wait? When it comes to cleaning a mattress it’s not just about stain removal, it’s about getting rid of harmful bacteria and allergy causing substances such as dust mites and their debris.

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Benefits of Using Mattress Cleaning St Kilda

As an experienced cleaner I provide an superior service for anyone looking for a St. Kilda mattress cleaning service. The cleaning products I use are USA/EPA approved and cause no harm to your family or pets. I can help you with advice on maintaining your mattress and also prepare it for warranty returns (company’s usually want the mattress to be clean before being returned). I can tackle large amounts of mattresses and heavily discount on these larger quantities (like schools or hotels). Here are the benefits summed up:

  • top of the industry cleaning results
  • high quality equipment and products
  • extra special discounts!
  • able to clean larger number of mattresses
  • localised service

Get Your Mattress Cleaned and Odour Free Today!

Contact me at Mattress Cleaning St Kilda with just a few clicks or a simple phone call. Call 0425 738 987 or contact me using the online booking form. Ask me any questions and I appreciate all the details you can give me for your order (type of stain, type of smell etc.) Remember that the more mattresses you have for me the better the price!