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Hello, my name is Steve Stoward and I am a the professionally trained owner of Mattress Cleaning Brighton. I specialise in mattress, carpet and furniture cleaning. I have successfully managed my cleaning service for eight years and I know the importance of a clean and sterile mattress. Accidents happen, but when moisture of any kind ends up on your mattress you should seek to have that problem rectified immediately. Bodily fluids, food or liquids spilt on a mattress should be dealt with by having your mattress professionally cleaned and sanitised. Stubborn stains are my specialty and I can remove or greatly improve the appearance of a stain on a mattress. My results speak for themselves. I have hundreds of satisfied customers because my service is thorough. If it’s mattress cleaning in Brighton that you require you have landed on the correct page.

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Mattress Cleaning Brighton is not all about stain removal, dust mite sanitation is the first step in my regimented routine. Dust mite infestation in any room can be very problematic for people with allergies. Removing dust mites and their fecal matter greatly improves your health and makes a good night’s sleep more achievable.

Here are some of the benefits when using Mattress Cleaning Brighton:

    1. Affordable prices – my fees are very competitive and adjustable according to the quantity of mattresses that you require cleaned
    2. Local service – I’m in and around the Brighton area every weekday
    3. I can prepare a mattress for warranty returns and produce the certification that you require
    4. I use only USA/EPA approved cleaning products

Keep in mind that a mattress that has received a full service needs to be left in a well ventilated room after the clean. Opening windows, doors using ceiling or pedestal fans can really help. This and/or any direct sunlight can greatly improve drying time for your mattress.

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Let’s talk, call me on 0425 738 987 or send me an email. You’ll be speaking directly with me Steve Stoward, not a call center voice.