How long will it be before I can use my bed again after mattress cleaning?

Prior to mattress cleaning be sure that your drying conditions are adequate. Ventilation from an air conditioner or fan will insure that you are only off your mattress for one night. If conditions are less than perfect your mattress will take longer to dry. Some of my clients have been able to use their mattresses the same night when left in direct sunlight. Mattress extraction and sanitation only will leave your mattress ready for use in approximately two hours. A double sided mattress may take longer to dry. A double sided mattress should also be left to dry on its side and occasionally rotated to insure that it dries evenly. Heavily soiled mattresses may also take longer to dry.

How long will my mattress stay dust mite free after sanitising?

The sanitising products and extraction service that I provide will ensure that your mattress is dust mite free for up to six months, the dust mite spray that I use has been tested and approved to stop any reinfestation of dust mites for this period.

My child just wet the bed… what do I do?

Padding the area until most of the liquid is important, use a white towel and press gently around the area until no more moisture can be soaked up. Apply a generous amount of baking soda to the affected area. At this point you can place a towel over the area, re make the bed and go back to sleep. Vacuum up the bi carb of soda the next day. You can repeat this bi carb/vacuum treat as often as you like, bi carbonate soda is simply the best way to absorb as much moisture as possible. Calling me within the next few days to professionally clean and sanitise your mattress would be your next best course of action.

What’s the difference between your method of carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning?

The stain and sterilisation properties of my carpet cleaning system (Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning) is equal or in some cases better then carpet steam cleaning.
Steam cleaning or HWE (hot water extraction) is only as effective as the operator doing the cleaning. Most stains need to be pre treated for successful stain removal as hot water and shampoo can only do so much.
On most occasions I’d only suggest HWE for a carpet that has heavily soiled traffic areas. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is quick drying and more beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers.