Dealing with mould on a mattress

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July 12, 2017
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July 14, 2017

Mould on a mattress. Today I visited a client who lived in an period style home in Pascoe Vale South. It was a rental property that absolutely wreaked of mould. I extracted, cleaned and sanitised two mattresses that both had mould stains on them. Mould on a mattress can be extremely harmful to one’s health particularly if the mould spores are disturbed and become airborne.  One of the occupants was an allergy sufferer who was finding she was sick more often than well. I explained to her that she should start a regular vigil to combat her allergies while inside this particular house.

If you discover mould on a mattress

  1. Get a slat base for your mattress (air flow).mould on a mattress
  2. Get your mattress extracted, cleaned & sanitised at least every six months. (including anti allergen & anti dust mite treatment)
  3. Blinds open every day even when overcast (U.V light, moulds mortal enemy)
  4. Bedding pulled back every morning and sheets washed in hot water regularly. (mould on a mattress breeds in warm, moist conditions)

Mould in any part of your house can be harmful to you and your family but mould on a mattress is even more of a concern because you interact so closely with your mattress. Mould spores that are airborne are particularly dangerous as they can quickly find their way into your respiratory system. Finally, especially in her case due to the nature of the mould problems within her dwelling, get a fully fitted mattress protector. Mould on a mattress can be a serious health risk! If you find that you’re regularly falling ill, check your entire home for mould, it’s a bacteria we can definitely live without.

Living in Melbourne with our change of seasons can make conditions very conducive to break outs of mould on a mattress. Check your mattress regularly and call a professional if see or smell mould.

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