professional stain and odour removal for mattresses

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Stain and odour removal
Stain and odour removal for mattresses

The cornerstone of Mattress Cleaning Melbourne’s ability is the success rate of positive results with stain and odour removal for mattresses. Mattresses get stained, it is a natural occurrence for the body to lose fluid throughout the night and the modern mattress is quite a sponge. Accidents on mattresses can also happen when they are least expected (normally when the mattress protector is in the wash). Mattress stains generally come odours, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne can delivers a supreme service with their stain and odour removal for mattresses. I have over 8 years of experience dealing with such problems.

Stains only become permanent when left for to long. With the right mattress cleaning technique they can be easily removed and your mattress can look, smell and feel like new again. I’ve been honing the craft in stain and odour removal for mattresses in Melbourne since my training began in 2009, my experience is vast and varied. I always use USA/EPA tested and approved products when cleaning a clients mattress. My products and practices are certified as safe to use and are eco friendly. When used correctly, my stain and odour removal results are incredible. My number one priority is the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Carrying the safest products and using the correct techniques while cleaning is my objective.

The best products from leaders in the cleaning industry

Basic stain removal was part of my training when starting my mattress cleaning business. It certainly hasn’t stopped there though. I rely heavily on my cleaning suppliers and their profound knowledge of their products. New eco friendly products are continuously popping up and my suppliers have the profound knowledge of these products and what they can do. I regularly discuss my stain removal concerns with my suppliers and together we almost always come up with a safe and reliable cleaning solution to eliminate my clients toughest stains.

Stain and odour removal – My processMattress Cleaner Melbourne - Stain and odour removal for mattresses

My stain and odour removal service for mattresses begins by asking the right questions and listening to my client. I follow these steps below…

  • After discussing a client’s problem/s and setting up their appointment I then make sure I turn up on time, ready to go. I am always fully prepared to professionally clean, maintain and restore any mattress with any type of stain.
  • Once I have examined the condition of the mattress I perform a dry extraction and dust mite extraction. After this stage your mattress is free of dust mites and dust mite excrement.
  • My technique and processes can vary from this point but I basically go to work spot cleaning each individual stain. I than allow the mattress some dwell time before moving onto my next step.
  • Now I completely cover the entire usable area of the mattress in an antibacterial shampoo designed solely to knock bacteria out within seconds. I buff this shampoo through and allow to dwell.
  • The mattress is now ready to be steam cleaned. Any pre cleaning products and my anti bacterial shampoo are extracted away leaving the mattress only slightly damp.
  • A quick spray down with my anti allergen/anti dust mite spray and the full service is complete. At this point ceiling or pedestal fans can be switched on for quicker dry times.
My success rate is extremely high when conducting any service for stain and odour removal for mattresses;
Stain and odour removal for mattresses

Urine stain (3 months old)

Urine stains
Blood stains
Vomit stains
Sweat stains
Coffee stains
Scuff marks
And others

All of these problems can be eradicated if treated in a timely manner

Stain and odour removal for mattresses

Minutes after stage 2 with urine removal

The Process when attempting stain and odour removal for mattresses

In a lot of cases the whole process can be summarized in just three steps. The right equipment and products are imperative for the successful completion of the job.

Here is how I do things:

Your mattress is now spot treated and extracted for dead skin, dust mites and any other foreign matter that can be drawn out while the mattress is still dry. The age or type of stains will dictate what spot treatment I use next. This stage is also the most important if somebody has wet the bed. I then buff an antibacterial enzyme shampoo carefully across all usable sides of your mattress leaving your mattress sterile.
The final stage is wet extraction drawing 90% of the moisture from your mattress. After this final stage your mattress will be clean and dry in just a few hours with good ventilation.

If I can’t get that stain out of your mattress, no one can

After 9 years working with all types of stains on all types of mattresses I pride myself on being the best in Melbourne when it comes to stain and odour removal for mattresses. If you can contact me sooner rather than later if an accident occurs on your mattress my results are more conclusive. Saying that I nearly always get satisfying results on mattress stains that are even years old.

Urine stain on a mattress removed

Urine stain (approx 6 months old)

Urine Stain on a mattress

Positive result (stain is gone)

Getting a service for stain and odour removal for mattresses is easy.

Contact me today and tell me what type of stain or odour removal you’re struggling with.

I’m here to help, even if you just need advice.

Get your mattress cleaned and sanitised by Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and I will service a second mattress for free on the same day!