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Improve your family’s health and wellbeing by utilizing my mattress stain and odour removal service. I have helped countless clients in restoring their mattresses to a superb condition and in the process I have eliminated any threat of dust mite allergies in the bedroom. Its quite factual that neglecting the state of your mattress can lead to an upsurge in allergy symptoms and breathing problems. Dust mites can be a serious concern if you or a member of your family are allergic to their dander. Having your mattress and pillows professionally serviced eliminates any risk of dust mite infestation. My name is Steve Stoward and I eliminate these type of problems every day. With 7 years of service in this field you can book Mattress Cleaning Footscray and be confident that you are going to get an expert servicing your mattress and that will be me.

Here is just a little of what my service is about.

Benefits of My Mattress Cleaning Service

First and most importantly, I use only USA/EPA tested and approved cleaning products. What this means is that my products and equipment are completely safe for your family and pets. My discounting policy increases with every extra mattress within your household, this can be quite beneficial to those with larger families. Smaller households can benefit from getting their second mattress serviced for free! I’m fully trained in mattress stain removal and regularly have success in removing stubborn stains and odours from mattresses. If I am unsuccessful in removing a stain it will be noticeably lighter after a full service. I provide the necessary paperwork needed for returning a damaged mattress under warranty. Ok, lets sum up some of the benefits of using my mattress cleaning service in Footscray:

Before and after cleaning


  • excellent cleaning results
  •  discounts on 2 or more mattresses
  • expert service and advice from an experienced mattress cleaner
  • fast and hassle free service!

Call Me Today!

You can get speak with me right now, my phone number is  0425 738 987, alternatively use the contact form to send me a message. Let me transform your bedroom into a healthy, dust mite free environment so that you can benefit for months enjoying peaceful nights sleep.

Special Deal

Get your second mattress cleaned for FREE

Call me now on 0425 738 987 and book your mattress in for a professional clean. I'll even clean a second mattress for FREE.

Only have the 1 mattress? Let me match or better any written quotation from my competitors. How's the carpet and sofa look? Get my most competitive price by combining all these items together! Spring has sprung, lets get some cleaning done!

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