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Carpet Cleaning

Perfectly clean carpet and dry within a couple of hours

Carpet Cleaning and Mattress Sanitising should go hand in hand, particularly if you have dust mite allergies and your bedrooms are carpeted. I can offer a low moisture alternative to carpet steam cleaning. My carpet cleaning process will not only leave your carpet looking and smelling incredible, it will be dry within a couple of hours.

Carpet Steam Cleaning versus Low Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

The major difference between carpet steam cleaning and low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is just how quickly you'll be able to walk on your perfectly clean carpet again. Unlike carpet steam cleaning, I have total control over the moisture content while cleaning your carpet. My low moisture carpet cleaning system will help those worn out high traffic areas of your carpet stand up again. I thoroughly vacuum and pre spot clean those tough stains before starting my cleaning process. Your carpet is agitated, scrubbed and shampooed with an environmental friendly polymer shampoo that dries to a gel and then later crystallizes acting as a barrier or scotch guard against future stains and grime.

A quality carpet cleaning service on time, every time at the right price

I'm happy to provide a carpet cleaning estimate over the phone or you can just leave your details on the contact form below if you wish. Try the low moisture alternative next time your carpets need cleaning, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Want to bring your carpet back to life - call me on 0425 738 987

Special Deal

Get your second mattress cleaned for FREE

Call me now on 0425 738 987 and book your mattress in for a professional clean. I'll even clean a second mattress for FREE.

Only have the 1 mattress? Let me match or better any written quotation from my competitors. How's the carpet and sofa look? Get my most competitive price by combining all these items together! Spring has sprung, lets get some cleaning done!

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