Stain and Odour Removal Melbourne

Getting a mattress stained is a normal occurrence in our lives. Everything can happen and we can’t always be prepared for it. And it’s not just stains – odours also appear and can make our sleep uncomfortable. I have over 7 years of experience in dealing with such problems. I can take care of:

  • Urine stains;
  • Blood stains;
  • Vomit stains;
  • Sweat stains;
  • Coffee stains;
  • Scuff marks;
  • And others.

None of these stains are permanent – with the right mattress cleaning technique they can be removed and your mattress can look, smell and feel like new again. I’ve been performing stain and odour removal services in Melbourne for a while, so I’m not surprised by anything I see. I always use certified and safe products to remove stains and odours. After all, the health of you and your family is priority number one.


Before cleaning

Stain and Odour removal 1 after

After cleaning

The Process of Odour and Stain Removal

The whole process can be summarized in just three steps, but the right equipment and products are imperative for the successful completion of the job. Here is how I do things:

  • Your mattress is now spot treated and extracted. The age or type of stains will dictate what spot treatment I use. This stage is also the most important if somebody has wet the bed.
  • I then buff an antibacterial enzyme shampoo carefully across all usable sides of your mattress leaving your mattress sterile.
  • Finally, I complete another wet extraction drawing 90% of the moisture from your mattress. After this final stage your mattress will be clean and dry in just a few hours with good ventilation.

Just contact me today – either by phone or e-mail – and tell me what kinds of stains you want me to remove. Get your mattress cleaned and sanitised by Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and I will service a second mattress for free!


Before cleaning

Stain and Odour removal 2 after

After cleaning

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